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Alexander Poddiakov

Dysfunctional Relationships in Mentorship and Teaching-Learning

2011. Vol. 1. No. 2. P. 4–13 [issue contents]
Studies of dysfunctional mentoring relationships are discussed. A classification of these relationships and lists of mentors' and protégés' problems with one another are described. A study of counteraction to competitors' learning and «Trojan horse» teaching is presented, based on Russian and American samples. An issue of relations between constructive and destructive difficulties in mentoring and teaching-learning is raised applying to organizations of different types and levels and, as a whole, to the social institute of experience translation.
Citation: Poddiakov Alexander N (2011) Disfunktsional'nye otnosheniya v nastavnichestve i obuchenii [Dysfunctional Relationships in Mentorship and Teaching-Learning] Organizational Psychology – Russia (e-journal), 2, pp. 4-13 (in Russian)
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