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Author Guidelines

The Journal publishes works that develops, tests, or advances organizational psychology theory, research, and practice. Articles should have well-articulated and strong theoretical foundations. Topics appropriate for Organizacionnaja psihologija include organizational behavior, leadership, work motivation, selection and assessment, performance measurement, training, job attitudes, career development, negotiation and conflict resolution, work stress, organizational design and intervention etc. Authors should follow the principles of publication ethics.


Article Types

The Journal publishes both theoretical and empirical papers. It could be research report, review, test manual, recommendations for practitioners.



Manuscripts should be submitted by email: orgpsyjournal@hse.ru


Essential elements of the submitted manuscripts:

  • Title: The title should be concise, clear and match the content of the manuscript.
  • Author’s information: Author's name(s), affiliation of each author (department, university, city, country), email.
  • Abstract: An abstract of 200–250 words. This will be translated into Russian.
  • Keywords: All articles should contain keywords. No more than 7 keywords should be submitted.


File formats should be MS Word and must be PC compatible. Manuscripts should not ordinarily exceed 30 double-spaced pages. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the format prescribed by the American Psychological Association. For details see the Publication Manual of the APA.

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point. Use margins of at least 2.5 cm (1 inch).

Headings: There should be no more than three (clearly marked) levels of subheadings used in the text of the article.

Statistics: Results of statistical tests should be given in the following form: F(1,9) = 23.35, p < .01

Acknowledgements: These should be supplied, as briefly as possible, on a separate page.

Tables and figures: The numbering of tables and figures should be continuous throughout the text. Figures are numbered separately from tables. Each table and figure should be referenced in the text. If figures are supposed to be in the text, then they must be contained both in the text itself and in separate files (.jpeg, .png) attached in addition to the text of the manuscript.



The APA style of referencing is used (author's name and date of publication bracketed in the text (Schaufeli, Taris, & van Rhenen, 2008)) and all works cited should be listed alphabetically by author after the main body of the text, to the journal style as follows:

Authored Book: Haslam, S.A. (2001). Psychology in organizations: The social identity approach. London: Sage.

Chapter in edited book: Virtanen, T. (2000). Commitment and the Study of Organizational Climate and Culture. In N.M. Ashkanasy, C.D.M. Winderom, & M.F. Peterson (Eds.), Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate (339–354). Thousand Oaks; London; New Delhi: Sage Publications.

Journal article: Schaufeli, W.B., Taris, T.W., & van Rhenen, W. (2008). Workaholism, Burnout, and Work Engagement: Three of a Kind or Three Different Kinds of Employee Well-being? Applied Psychology: An International Review, 57, 173–203. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-0597.2007.00285.x


Anonymous reviews

All manuscripts will be refereed anonymously. They are evaluated according to the following criteria: (a) significance of contribution, (b) adequacy of research method, (c) appropriateness, and (d) clarity of presentation.

Fee for the publication of manuscripts

There is no fee for the publication of manuscripts (including post-graduate students) in the journal. No royalties are paid for original articles.
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