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Current issue: 2024 v. 14 no 1

The E-journal Organizational Psychology was founded by the National Research University Higher School of Economics in 2011.

The aim of the journal is to develop the links between domestic and global professional communities of organizational psychology and provide open communication among researchers and practioners in organizational and occupational psychology.
The journal aims to publish papers covering the important issues in contemporary work life: organizational behavior, stress, performance, motivation, work environment, health and well-being, work–family interaction, career and development,  job attitudes, work organization, organizational change and development, leadership and management, gender, training, personnel recruitment and selection, teams, work groups, labor and employment relations.
The journal also encourages research based on innovative or interdisciplinary approaches with a psychological emphasis.

Organizational Psychology
is an academic peer-reviewed journal.

The journal is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. Access to all issues is free. There is no submission or publication fee for Organizational Psychology journal.

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e-ISSN 2312-5942
Key title: Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ
Abbreviated key title: Organ. psihol.
Parallel title: Organizational psychology
Languages: Russian, English

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Key principles of the journal’s work

The work of the journal is based on the following principles:

The journal publishes materials which cover modern problems of organizational psychology, promotes their wide distribution and overall development of this area of knowledge.

The journal seeks to provide a deeper integration of national organizational psychologists into the global professional community. As part of the journal’s activities, work is carried out on the preparation and publication of new translations of the most important articles and book paragraphs by international experts in this area.

The journal aims to provide a deeper integration and closer cooperation between academic and professional organizational psychologists and promote the implementation of new academic and applied developments in practical work with organizations. It publishes both academic articles and articles targeted at practicing psychologists working with organizations.

The journal publishes both texts by renowned and authoritative and young authors. Each issue includes a ‘First Steps’ section with articles by young colleagues who are just starting their professional career in organizational psychology. But the level and quality of these publications are consistent with the other texts included in the journal.


Contents and sections of the journal 

The journal includes the following sections.

Research in organizational psychology
Articles targeted at researchers, describing both the results of empirical research and theoretical and methodical works, including some translations of important policy papers and book extracts.

Organizational psychological practice
Articles targeted at practicing psychologists who work with organizations. These articles contain experiences of solving tasks and problems, description of the cases, methods used for organizational diagnostics etc.

Тopical reviews in specific areas or problems of organizational psychology
Reviews of internet resources – including Russian and international resources of interest for organizational psychologists.

First steps
Papers by younger colleagues starting their professional career in organizational psychology (students, graduates, postgraduate students).

Organizational psychology in gialogues and discussions
Essays on significant events or topics in professional commuunity life.

Notifications of the past and upcoming conferences. Publication of conference programmes and comments from participants.

Literary guide
Topical lists of the most important publications in various areas relating to problems of organizational psychology (Russian- and English-language books and articles), recommendations from experts on useful resources.

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