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Olga Patosha, Liubov Cherkasova

Ethnic Stereotypes in Recruitment

2011. Vol. 1. No. 2. P. 14–25 [issue contents]
This article is devoted to ethnic stereotypes of female recruiters towards candidates of four ethnic groups: Russian, Armenians, Uzbeks and Jews. The study is based on measurement technique developed by the authors. It reflects the main stages of recruitment. According to the study the number of dropouts or promotions at various stages of selection process is not connected with the nationality of the candidate. Nevertheless, ethnic stereotypes are found in personal characteristics and occupation attribution, which were ascribed to candidates of different nationalities by recruiters. The most stereotyped groups from those which had been studied are Uzbek and Jewish – their representatives had been characterized by opposing personal qualities. Thus, Jewish candidates were associated with managerial positions, while applicants of the Uzbek national group were suggested to pretend on the positions on the manager or assistant level.
Citation: Patosha Olga Ivanovna, Cherkasova Liubov Leonidovna (2011) Rol' etnokul'turnykh stereotipov v protsesse podbora personala [Ethnic Stereotypes in Recruitment] Organizational Psychology – Russia (e-journal), 2, pp. 14-25 (in Russian)
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