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Alexandra Martynova

Facilitation as Organization Development & Change Technology

2011. Vol. 1. No. 2. P. 53–91 [issue contents]
The article is concerned with some theoretical and practical issues of facilitation. The methods of large group facilitation refer to dialogic forms of organization development and focus on improving the group effectiveness. In the article the definition of facilitation from the point of view of process, and also levels of facilitation are dealt with. The article also considers 6 criteria for the description the different models of facilitation: process design, scale of the problem, type of interventions used by facilitators, types of products, types of audiences, the focus impact. The description of the facilitation models, the brief review the facilitation process, the examples of successful projects for the 9 methods of facilitation such as «World Café», «Future Search», «Search Conference», «Open Space Technology», «Dynamic facilitation», «Appreciative Inquiry Summit», «Real Time Strategic Change», «Work Out», «Basic Facilitation» are described in the article.
Citation: Martynova Alexandra V (2011) Fasilitatsiya kak tekhnologiya organizatsionnogo razvitiya i izmeneniy [Facilitation as Organization Development & Change Technology] Organizational Psychology – Russia (e-journal), 2, pp. 53-91 (in Russian)
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