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Tatyana Lezhenkina

Scenario of business game «Certification of the personnel of the organization»

2012. Vol. 2. No. 2. P. 49–70 [issue contents]
Business game «Certification of personnel of the organization» develops the skills needed in the process of certification of the personnel subsystem, and promotes the development of management capacity of the participants. The game demonstrates the stages of preparation, conduct and decision on certification of personnel, as well as role-playing aspect and the interpersonal interaction between participants. The game involves an organizer of the team «Attestation Commission,» several teams «units», a team of expert games. The game consists of 4 stages: 1) Preparatory, 2) Evaluation of the employee and his work, 3) Attestation, 4) Decision-making and execution of documents. In the preparatory phase the participants get an explanation of goals and objectives of the business game, the wording of the game rules of the, split split into teams, determine the scope of the organization and composition of teams. At stage two teams are assessing employees 'units' and their preparation for certification. In Phase 3 Certification Commission meets to form the preliminary findings and recommendations for certification of workers. In step 4, «Evaluation Committee» discusses and decides on the Appraise each candidate separately. In conclusion: Certification Commission announces the general decision of the commission for each certified employee, a team of experts analyzes the work of teams at each stage, the organizer and the Parties shall discuss the results of the game.
Citation: Lezhenkina Tatyana I. (2012) Stsenariy delovoy igry «Attestatsiya personala organizatsii» [Scenario of business game «Certification of the personnel of the organization»] Organizational Psychology – Russia (e-journal), 2, pp. 49-70 (in Russian)
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