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Alla Konyaeva

Guidance for tutors

2012. Vol. 2. No. 3. P. 67–89 [issue contents]
During November 2011 – May of 2012 an author of this guidance was the interim-manager of one of the Ukrainian holdings. Among the tasks of project there was optimization of institute of tutorship. For its decision operating regulations and procedures, related to the processes of tutorship, were studied, reasons of early discharges are analysed. The got results allowed to define the problem field of input of employees in position, feature of actual and future strategic necessities of holding in personnel. On the basis of vision for the desirable future were geared-up and conducted trainings for the employees of department of personnel as well as company' managers, the purpose of which was forming of the new going near tutorship as complex system with the considerable stake of influence of the psychological phenomena and conformities to law. All necessary documents providing implementation of new approach, were also geared-up: «Position about adaptation», «Guidance for a tutor», «Post instructions», «Form of tasks of employee on a probation period», «Form of estimation of success of passing of probation period», «Reminder for a point-of-sale representative», etc. On completion of training for tutors this Guidance was presented as supporting material helping to make a structure of activity and to become a Tutor in a proper manner.
Citation: Konyaeva Alla Petrovna (2012) Rukovodstvo dlya nastavnikov [Guidance for tutors] Organizational Psychology – Russia (e-journal), 3, pp. 67-89 (in Russian)
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