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Evgenya Koltsova1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20, Myasnitskaya str., Moscow, 101000, Russia

Relationship between life satisfaction and career orientations

2012. Vol. 2. No. 4. P. 59–67 [issue contents]
This article describes results of the study aimed at research the link (connection) between person's career orientations and his subjective well-being. This study was developed to enlarge existed beliefs about individual psychological factors of work-life balance. Overall selection includes 90 people (40% were female participants and 60% were male participants). It consists of three parts: undergraduate students, young professionals, well experienced employees. The correlation analysis found that these variables are interconnected with different degree. First of all, that fact attracts attention that the most part of career orientations are poorly connected with the subjective well-being.

Citation: Koltsova, E. (2012)/ Vzaimosvyaz' mezhdu udovletvorennost'yu zhizn'yu i kar'ernymi orientatsiyami lichnosti [Relationship between life satisfaction and career orientations] Organizational Psychology – Russia (e-journal), 4, pp. 59-67 (in Russian)
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