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Takhir Bazarov1
  • 1 Moscow State Lomonosov University, , 11, Build. 9, Mokhovaya Str., 125009, Moscow, Russia.

Business education: development organizations or business development? (In Russian)

2013. Vol. 3. No. 4. P. 92–108 [issue contents]

The need for quality training transprofessionals in business education and development of unique programs at leading Russian institutions of higher education is obvious. Consequently, companies working in the field of business education, it is necessary to set the transition from simple instrumental skills training tutorials to the “new generation” as topics and methodology. In this paradigm, it is necessary to educate and train business coaches. It is expected of them to create innovative programs. New frontiers and understanding of the need and importance of quality training of specialists in the field of training management, outlined ways of understanding long-term experience and initiated the creation of a unique training program training at the Institute of Applied Psychology in Higher School of Economics. Experiences and interdisciplinary approach to understanding the contradictions within the growing organization and ways to solve them, a special look at the business through the prism of modern psychology have begun creating models multirole business coach with a broad range of universal competencies, especially in areas such as facilitation, moderation and mediation. As part of the training program of great importance is given to the fundamental knowledge in the field of psychology and management. Methodological training is based on a set of tools and knowledge necessary for success: business training, knowledge of business processes, the ability to manage their own behavior. The new approach is the obvious idea that the profession of a “busness coach” makes special demands of the future specialist.

Citation: Bazarov, T. (2013). Biznes-obrazovanie: razvitie organizatsiy ili organizatsiya razvitiya? [Business education: development organizations or business development?]. Organizational Psychology (e-journal), 4, 98-108 (in Russian)
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