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Mikhail Klarin1, Anadrey Korolikhin, Mikhail Pronin2, Vladimir Gubanov3, Maksim Komarov3, Svetlana Berger, Marina Udachina, Julia Chuhno4
  • 1 Institute for Theory and History of Education, Russian Academy Of Education, 7 Korchagina, 129278 Moscow, Russia
  • 2 Institute of Philosophy Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences, 14/5, Volkhonka, 119991 Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Agency for Strategic Initiatives, 36/9 Novy Arbat, Moscow, Russia, 121099
  • 4 Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development partner for CIS,, 21ème floor, 5 place du Champ de Mars, Bastion Tower, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Draft of Coach Professional Standard (In Russian and English)

2014. Vol. 4. No. 1. P. 61–68 [issue contents]
Description of job functions included in the professional standard (functional map of the types ofprofessional activity) is presented.

Citation: Coach Professional Standard Development Group, (2014) Proekt Professional'nogo standarta «Kouch» [Draft of Coach Professional Standard]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), Vol. 4, No 1, pp. 61-68 (in Russian and English)
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