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Mikhail Klarin1, Anadrey Korolikhin, Mikhail Pronin2, Vladimir Gubanov3, Maksim Komarov3, Svetlana Berger, Marina Udachina, Julia Chuhno4
  • 1 Institute for Theory and History of Education, Russian Academy Of Education, 7 Korchagina, 129278 Moscow, Russia
  • 2 Institute of Philosophy Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences, 14/5, Volkhonka, 119991 Moscow, Russia
  • 3 Agency for Strategic Initiatives, 36/9 Novy Arbat, Moscow, Russia, 121099
  • 4 Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development partner for CIS,, 21ème floor, 5 place du Champ de Mars, Bastion Tower, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Professional Standard Special Aspects: Norms Of Ethics (In Russian and English)

2014. Vol. 4. No. 1. P. 81–86 [issue contents]
Ethical standards are not included in the description of professions, suggested by the Ministry of Labor of Russian Federation. However, in the worldwide coaching practice the Code of Ethics of coaching professional bodies regulates professional activities. Professional ethics is the essential foundation for professional coaching activities: ethical rules governing the position of coach in working with clients, coaching interaction with customers, professional community and society in general. The approach taken by the Working Group is that Ethical Norms are recommended as a basis for formulating Ethical codes of professional coaching bodies in Russian Federation. Norms of ethics are included in Professional Standard “Coach” as one of the appendices.
Citation: Coach Professional Standard Development Group, (2014). Cpetsial'nye aspekty Professional'nogo standarta: Eticheskie normy [Professional Standard Special Aspects: Norms Of Ethics (In Russian and English)]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), Vol. 4, No 1, pp. 81-86 (in Russian and English)
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