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Boris Masterov1, Larisa Nekroenko1
  • 1 “Masterskaya Masterova” Ltd. , office 319, N.Kislovsky 7A, Moscow, Russia

What do we Control when we Manage Time: Time Management Paradigms and Technologies

2014. Vol. 4. No. 2. P. 29–45 [issue contents]
The article is one of the two devoted to creating and applying in practice of individual technologies of increasing personal efficiency of heads and corporate technologies of increasing efficiency of business interactions in the organization, relating to the category of “time-management”. In contrast with time-management technologies, based on a paradigm of managing tasks in time, these technologies are based on the paradigm of Time Mentality — management of relations “to time” and “with time”. The aim of the article is to analyse both of these approaches from the point of the main management task — to have things done before the deadline on a minimal price value. Principles of building technologies and specific examples of these technologies based on counsulting and training experience of authors are described. In this first article the individual technologies of increasing of personal efficiency and efficiency of business interactions, created by concrete heads of business attuned to “themselves”, “their specific features” are described in detail. These technologies are based on understanding of “relations with time and to time” of basic psycho-types on MBTI. The work has practical value of a double kind. The authors formulated method and approach of development of specific psycho-technics of increasing personal efficiency of clients which will be valuable for consultants, coaches and business trainers. For the “users” are valuable “preciseness” of created technologies, in accord with their “mentality”, their compliance with their specific features and thereof, easy applicability in practice.

Citation: Masterov B., Nekroenko L. (2014). Chem my upravlyaem, «upravlyaya vremenem»: paradigmy i tekhnologii taym-menedzhmenta [What do we Control when we Manage Time: Time Management Paradigms and Technologies]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 4, no 2, pp. 29-45 (in Russian)
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