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Boris Masterov1, Larisa Nekroenko1
  • 1 “Masterskaya Masterova” Ltd. , office 319, N.Kislovsky 7A, Moscow, Russia

Time mentality management: the paradigm of “Chronotope Management” [In Russian]

2014. Vol. 4. No. 3. P. 54–68 [issue contents]
In a previous article, we have identified two basic paradigms of time-management: “Management of the affairs during the time” and “Management of relationship with time and attitudesto time by the individual and/or social group/organization», namely Time Mentality Management. In this article, we are primarily interested in the possibility of the creation and use of technologies based on the second paradigm. The article describes the history of the origin and the possibility of use in literary and cultural studies of the term “chronotope” (“time-space”), reveals its potential for analysis of the socio-political development of Russia during the XX-XXI centuries. Today we can say about chronotopeat the individual level and at the level of groups, organizations, and state. We can also be argued that “management of chronotope” — is the most powerful tool for organizational consulting. In a previous article, we described the creation of storage and use of technologies based on the particular case of the paradigm time mentality management, namely “management” of personal relationship “with time" — to address the “classic” problem of time management: to have things done before the deadline. Here, we describe the practice of using another private paradigm Management Time Mentality — “chronotope management”. Work in the paradigm “chronotope management” is used not only to solve the problem of “to have things done before the deadline”, but allows us to solve much larger range of problems and issues that we will try to present in this article.

Citation: Masterov B., Nekroenko L. (2014) Time mentality management: paradigma «Upravlenie khronotopom» [Time mentality management: the paradigm of “Chronotope Management”]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), Vol. 4, No 3, pp. 54-68 (in Russian)
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