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Business Psychology: new recourses for Organizational Development

2015. Vol. 5. No. 3. P. 110–114 [issue contents]

International Scientific Conference«Business Psychology: new recourses for Organizational Development» on November 12–15, Moscow. 

We offer you to participate in Business Psychology Conference by submitting your papers (participation without papers is also available). The goal of Conference is to share and discuss actual business psychology problems, role of business psychologists in a building organizational success and professional competences of business psychologists. The conference will focus on seven main directions: Competences of business psychologists for business transformation; Competences of business psychologists in management; New paths for professional growth in business environment; Success and Practice in implementation of business psychological research and consulting projects; Business psychology tools for effective decision making in organizations; Business psychology in effective business transformation and change management; Business psychology approaches to consumer behavior research.

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