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2016. Vol. 6. No. 1. P. 4–5 [issue contents]
We are glad to introduce our readers to new issue of Organizational Psychology Journal.
The current issue starts from the article by Tatiana Chuykova and Daria Sotnikova “Attitude to work under the conditions of insecure employment”. The paper discusses a relatively new for Russian psychology phenomenon of job insecurity: basic characteristics, particular approaches to studying, psychological consequences. Based on the results of the empirical research carried out in several organizations of the large industrial city in Central Russia, the authors conclude that the personal feeling insecure job leads to a decline of engagement and commitment to the work, higher levels of depression and turnover intention.
In the “Practice in Organizational Psychology” section we offer the article of group of authors from France — David Autisier, Jean–Cristophe Foucrit, Elena Pachtchenko – de Preville, Thierry Raynard — “Managerial innovation through the example of the use of learning networks in the french national railway company”. The authors of the article, relying on the experience of the learning networks in the French National Railway company (SNCF), offer consideration of the learning networks as an innovative method of management corresponding to the purposes of the increase in productivity. The article gives a definition of the learning networks and contains elements of methodology of application of the learning networks in the SNCF. Authors discuss the perspectives of the use of the learning networks, for the different organizational tasks.
The article by Alexander Eliseenko “The complex problem solving in the organization: support methods for correct group thinking” in the “First steps” section discuss heuristic methods to organize group sessions of complex problem solving in modern organizations. An attempt to describe the procedure of solving the complex problems of the group based on the cycle model of problem solving by R. Sternberg as the methodological basis. The paper recommends specific heuristic methods for team complex problem solving for each stage of the movement in the problem space.
In the «Conferences» section you can find information about upcoming international scientific and practical conferences on organizational psychology.
Our traditional editorial note about the 20 most cited and 20 most recent articles on learning organization is covered the issue.

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