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Irina Vasilieva1
  • 1 Institute of Psychology RAS, 13 Yaroslavskaya Str., Moscow 129366, Russia

“Ergatic system” as the basic concept for organizational psychology and management

2017. Vol. 7. No. 1. P. 8–20 [issue contents]
The article is an attempt of «ergatic system» concept formation by means of ascendancy from the abstract to the concrete, i.e. through step-by-step content enrichment of basic axiomatic model. At every stage of modeling, special assumption is supposed and its logical consequences regarding basic properties are assessed. That new haecceity becomes the condition for the next modeling steps, etc. This theoretic process results in variety of the basic model emanations, which are identified as phenomena of observed reality and at the same time are ordered by the very sequence of modeling steps. The subject-object (S–O) binomial structure is considered as the basic model of ergatic system.Its basic property is accepted without prove: mutual generation of the subject by the object and viceversa, represented by formula «objectivation-desobjectivation». The assumption of separatednessof the subject defines inverse function of integration that is supported in elementary form by formal prescripts structure. The fundamental insufficiency of that mechanism originates additionally informal compensating activities of various types, which allocates the plurality of aims simultaneously actual foragents as basic (fundamental) attribute, and various contradictions between the aims as an inherentproperty of corporate effort. The necessity of sustainable dominance of titular activity under the conditions of background conflict defines the leadership (control). The complex of typical ways of conflicts resolutions by the leader acts as the model of conduct for the subordinates and is defined as organizational culture. The organizational culture, including its irrational component as organizational mythology and the group unconscious, is defined as separated subject integration mechanism. Other mechanisms of the collective integration such as exchange relationships, procedural fairness principles are considered the same way. The role of differently arranged labor objects in integration of labor separated subject is considered. It was revealed that, in research practices, object determination of group subject is excluded from the consideration which contradicts the general assumptions of the activity approach. The concept «ergatic system» overcomes this restraint and may be considered as abasic concept for organizational psychology.

Citation: Vasilieva I. (2017) Ergaticheskaya sistema kak bazovoe ponyatie organizatsionnoy psikhologii i psikhologii upravleniya [“Ergatic system” as the basic concept for organizational psychology and management]. Organizational Psychology, vol. 7, no 1, pp. 8-20 (in Russian)

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