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Viktor Skleynis1
  • 1 Magadan institute of economics of the St. Petersburg University of management and economics, 27 Novaya Str., 685000 Magadan, Russia.

The Semantic Structures of PR-specialists: The Evaluation of Lifestyle and Profession

2018. Vol. 8. No. 1. P. 73–84 [issue contents]
Purpose. The aim of this work was to research of the semantic structures of the specialists on public relations of their lifestyle, professional activity, and as representative of their profession. Methodology. Methodological basis of research was made by three-layer model structure of an image of the world and the concept of professional specificity of an image of the world. The methods of research are specialized semantic differentials “Lifestyle”, “Work” and “Professional”. Data processing was performed by factor analysis, cluster analysis and the method of semantic universalities. When comparing data obtained using different methods of research a set of patterns was revealed. Findings. The semantic structures of the evaluation by the public relations specialists of their professional activity include descriptors pointing to a high personal involvement in professional activities. In our opinion, it is personal involvement that determines the presence of specificity of the nuclear layer of an image of the world of the public relations specialists and determines its nature (high rates of internality of the control locus, as well as the high rank of value orientations associated with knowledge and development). Another invariant regularity manifested in the comparison of the results of techniques is a greater degree of severity of the dynamic characteristics observed in thee valuation of the representative of the profession in the group of the PR-specialists. In our opinion, this regularity is also explained by the specification of professional activities of PR specialists relatedto the implementation of projects in a changing environment and requiring greater flexibility in the implementation of professional activities. Finally, the third regularity is manifested when using all of the procedures processing results, is the presence of the group of specialists on public relations of the characteristics associated with creative activities. The latter pattern may be due to the creative nature of the activities of the public relations specialist, associated with the generation of original content. Value of the results. The results of the research complement the existing information on the availability of professional specificity of the image of the world of the PR-specialist and can be used to improve the efficiency of professional activity of these specialists and the development of vocational training programs.

Citation: Skleynis V. (2018) Cemanticheskie struktury otsenivaniya spetsialistami po svyazyam s obshchestvennost'yu svoego obraza zhizni i professional'noy deyatel'nosti [The semantic structures of PR-specialists: The evaluation of lifestyle and profession]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 8, no 1, pp. 73-84 (in Russian)
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