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2019. Vol. 9. No. 1. P. 6–7 [issue contents]
We are pleased to continue to acquaint readers with the latest developments in organizational psychology in 2019–1 issue of Organizational Psychology Journal. First of all, the editorial wholeheartedly congratulates Anna Borisovna Leonova on the Jubilee!
In the “Research in Organizational Psychology” section of this issue you will find the article by Irina Blinnikova and Yuliya Ishmuratova “Analysis of cognitive competence of chemists: comparison between novices and professionals using eye tracker”, in which the authors describe and investigate what underlies the “superiority of experts” phenomenon.
The “Organizational-psychological Practice” section presents two articles. Article by Ekaterina Strizhova and Aleksandr Evdokimenko “The use of wearable technologies in the practice of performance management in financial sector” presents the original methodology of organizational and psychological research with the use of wearable technologies and the practical possibilities of using such technologies in organizational practice. Takhir Yu. Bazarov and Alexander Paramuzov enrich the methodological tools of the organizational psychologist with the Russian version of the questionnaire “The Occupational Future Time Perspective” by H. Zacher and M. Frese”.
Two more articles are posted in the “First Steps” section. In the article “Employee engagement: types, levels of realization and links with human resource management practices” by Pavel Smirnov identifies the distinctive features of the two types of employee engagement proposed in scientific literature — work engagement and organization engagement. Elena Yaroshenko discusses about the possibilities of using the eye tracking technology for detection the social and psychological features of emotional burnout.
The “Organizational Psychology in Persons, Dialogues, and Discussions” section presented by the international team of authors Natalia Ivanova, Stephen Benton, Kathryn Waddington, Elena Makhmutova, who reflect on the possibilities of the development of modern applied psychology in the article “Trends and perspectives in business psychology. What are the outcomes of the fifth International scientificpractical conference “Business psychology: theory and practice”?
In the “Conferences” section you will find materials on two important scientific and practical conferences held in Moscow at the end of 2018: “Organizational-psychological aspects of social and economic psychology problems: results and prospects of research” by Мaria Gagarina and “From science to practice: following the results of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Working emotional intelligence in business and education” by Elena Klevnaya and Wladimir Stroh.
In the “Literary Guide” section you will find our traditional article about the 20 most cited and 20 most recent articles on Emotional Intelligence in Management and Education.
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