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Takhir Bazarov1, Alexander Paramuzov2
  • 1 Moscow State Lomonosov University, , 11, Build. 9, Mokhovaya Str., 125009, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2 Lomonosov Moscow Sate University, 11/9 Mokhovaya Str., 125009 Moscow, Russia

Psychometric analysis of the Russian version of “The Occupational Future Time Perspective” by H. Zacher and M. Frese

2019. Vol. 9. No. 1. P. 57–80 [issue contents]
Purpose. This article aims to analyze the psychometric properties of the Russian version of the Occupational Future Time Perspective (OFTP). This construct based on the socioemotional selectivity theory of L. Carstensen, in which the future time perspective is described as an open-endedor limited. There are three scales Focus on opportunities, Remaining time and Focus on limitationsin the OFTP. The article presents the structure of the scale, its convergent and discriminant validity, internal consistency and reproducibility. Methodology. We collected a sample of 154 workers via social networks. The CFA confirmed the constructive validity of the Russian version of the OFTP and its compatibility with the original version. A test-retest was performed to examine reproducibility (N = 62). Results. The CFA showed invariance and robustness of the factorial structure. The OFTP scale shave convergent and discriminant validity. The OFTP did not confirm reproducibility at the expected level (r < 0.70). All scales are reliable (0.75 < α < 0.91). Conclusion. The research results show thatthe Russian version of the OFTP has acceptable psychometric properties comparable to the original version. Value of the results. The Russian version of the OFTP was first published in this article. The OFTP can be used for scientific and practical purposes.

Citation: Bazarov T., Paramuzov A. (2019) Psikhometricheskiy analiz russkoyazychnoy versii oprosnika Kh. Tsakhera i M. Freze «Professional'naya vremennaya perspektiva budushchego» [Psychometric analysis of the Russian version of “The Occupational Future Time Perspective” by H. Zacher and M. Frese]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 9, no 1, pp. 57-80 (in Russian)
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