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Ulyana Podverbnykh1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

The ecosystem of teams labour assessment of prospective industrial projects

2019. Vol. 9. No. 2. P. 70–92 [issue contents]
Purpose. The research is aimed at conceptual foundation and elaboration of applicable methods of ecosystem approach to teams labour assessment of prospective industrial projects. Unfavourable external environmental challenges as well as restricted financial and economic resources demand from Russian industrial enterprises rapid and systematic efforts in order to preserve and develop the industrial sphere in which our country is holding leadership role across the world. The research concept. The dynamic advance of product and technology innovations demanded today is unimaginable without innovations in management system. Business ecosystems are one of such innovations actively implemented in worldwide industry. The production cycle of an innovative industry core product is extremely complex and includes a quantity of functional directions and stages. Despite the fact that theproject approach is considered to be an innovation in Russian industry, a lot of business is done by project teams such as collecting and analysing the requirements, creating projects, construction, production preparation, verification, validation and service support of the innovative industrial product; the project teams consist of the company’s staff, partners, research organisations etc. Thus, a business ecosystem of project teams which are engaged in creation and promotion of innovations appears. The hypothesis of the research is based on the possibility of theoretical and empirical consideration of teams labour assessment of prospective industrial projects as an ecosystem of evaluation business processes. The R. Vidgen and X. F. Wang research (2006) became an evidence base for business processes ecosystem interpretation as well as the conceptual analysis of the assessment ecosystem correspondence with basic business ecosystem features such as multisubjectiveness, narrow specialisation of the subjects, coherence, integrity, systemising centre, the possibility of open communications, ability to co-evolve. The value of the results. A number of business processes of assessment ecosystem has been formulated including the assessment of the project results and its stages, the assessment of individual efficiency in teams, the assessment of the team members potential as well as the potential of the whole team. The following methods of business processes implementation has been proposed such as competency and role model of team members, check-lists of project results assessment and team readiness assessment.

Citation: Podverbnykh U. (2019) Ekosistema otsenki truda komand perspektivnykh promyshlennykh proektov [The ecosystem of teams labour assessment of prospective industrial projects]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 9, no 2, pp. 70-92 (in Russian)
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