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Ludmila Pochebut1, Vera Chiker1, Mariia Nedoshivina2, Viktoriia Larkina2
  • 1 St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation, 199034, St. Petersburg, Universitetskaja nab., buld.7/9
  • 2 Saint-Petersburg State University, Russian Federation, 199034, St. Petersburg, Universitetskaja nab., buld.7/9

Socio-psychological support for the consolidation of the social capital of organization (in Russian)

2023. Vol. 13. No. 3. P. 275–292 [issue contents]
This paper continues the series of studies prepared by the authors focused on theory and methodology of studying the organizational social capital. Purpose. The aim of the article is to outline the main directions of socio-psychological support for social capital consolidation on the basis of the conceptual model of organizational social capital. The conceptual model includes three main indicators: 1) socio-psychological components of social capital, determining the content of this phenomenon. The components of social capital are: mutual trust of employees, commitment to the goals and values of the organization, adherence to norms and rules, maintaining the reputation of the organization at all levels of social interaction; 2) positive factors, and 3) negative factors of formation of social capital in the organization; 4) objectification of social capital, indicating its influence on the socio-psychological processes in the organization. Methodology included the substantiation of four directions of socio-psychological support of consolidation of organizational social capital: theoretical, methodological, applied, and practical ones. The theoretical direction means a comprehensive analysis of scientific literature on the problems of social capital. Theoretical support makes it possible to determine the range of basic problems, develop the structure of social capital of organizations, and analyze the main socio-psychological factors influencing its consolidation. The methodological direction of social capital support research is necessary to identify the main difficulties of its study, to develop socio-psychological research methods and techniques. A methodology for studying social capital relies on principles of General Psychology as well as on specific principles of Social Psychology. The system approach to the analysis of social capital of the organization allows to identify its indicators such as the level of development, factors, and stages of formation, functions, and the main types of social capital of the organization. Applied research proves the reliability and validity of the methods used, their compliance with the chosen topic. In the process of empirical research there is an opportunityto compare the level of development and features of social capital of different organizations. Practical possibilities of socio-psychological support provide formation and development of social capital in the organization. Findings. Socio-psychological support of social capital passes through six stages and ensures reliable consolidation of social capital. At the first stage it is expedient to acquaint employeesof the organization with the basic problems of Social Psychology and the theory of social  consolidation of social capital is carried out. At the fourth stage, it is advisable to conduct personnel coaching and psychological counseling. At the fifth stage group discussions are held, during which employees dicuss problematic issues of the organization’s activity. The sixth stage is devoted to creativity and organizational development training, during which employees suggest and discuss ways to increase the consolidation of social capital in a particular organization. Originality. The step-by-step system of socio-psychological support of the social capital of the organization was developed.

Citation: Pochebut L., Chiker V., Nedoshivina M., Larkina V. (2023) Sotsial'no-psikhologicheskoe soprovozhdenie konsolidatsii sotsial'nogo kapitala organizatsii [Socio-psychological support for the consolidation of the social capital of organization]. Organizational Psychology, vol. 13, no 3, pp. 275-292 (in Russian)
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