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Natalya Bondarchuk1
  • 1 Magadan institute of economics of the St. Petersburg university of management and economics, 11, Proletarskaya str., Magadan, 685000, Russia

Psychological content of gold miners work

2013. Vol. 3. No. 1. P. 78–94 [issue contents]

The article describes the results of the study of different types of joint work of professionals engaged in their work in special circumstances (for example, joint activities about thirty professionals of different specialties). Proposed and theoretically justified the concept of "psychological content of work", which is revealed through the analysis of subject-object and subject-subject relationships, to develop an approach and a comprehensive program of psychological study and describe the work of prospectors. The scheme of analysis and description of the objective elements prospector labor is offered. According to the worked out chart the following issues are considered: the forms of organization of labor in a prospector crew, operationally technological structure of prospectors labor and the professional environment of crew employees. The results of empirical study of the subjective component of prospectors labor (N = 99, 66 men and 33 women aged from 18 to 63 years). The sample included employees: a different experience in the mining communities, who had experience in both single- and in different prospector crews, residing in the territory of the Magadan region and came from distant cities and states (central parts of the country, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova). The results of the study of representations of prospectors on their conditions of individual and joint activity and subjective attitude to these conditions, as well features of the personality characteristics and mental conditions of workers during the operating season are described. The analysis of subjective elements of prospector labor connection with its objective elements is conducted. Practical value of research results is determined by possibility of their use in consultative work with the specialists of prospector crew, members of their families; by leaders at setting the norms of labor and rest modes, providing of more valuable way of life in the period of working season, revision of some normative positions of organization labor prospector. The obtained data can be taken into account in developing vocational training relevant fields, promote the optimization process of organizing joint activities of different types of professionals.

Citation: Bondarchuk Natalya Vasil'evna (2013) Psikhologicheskoe soderzhanie staratel'skogo truda [Psychological content of gold miners work] Organizational Psychology – Russia (e-journal), 1, pp. 78-94 (in Russian)
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