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Zoya Ivanova1
  • 1 Independent consultant, 383-26, Osennaya, 121614 Moscow, Russia

Impressions From Participating In Supervision Workshop “Coach Professional Standard” Based On Coaching Competencies

2014. Vol. 4. No. 1. P. 129–132 [issue contents]
The article reflects the author’s impressions related to the author’s work in the supervised demo session in the framework of the working group on the development of professional standards “Coach”. My key theses are as follows. 1. Supervision is a must. 2. Supervision in a group of colleagues and clients is invaluable for development. From the outset, was defined constructive discussion format – feedback is given “the facts” and in both aspects, namely: What was positive, worth supporting in the future?; What to look for as the zone of development? Another very important point was the “the clarification of concepts”, exploring the diversity of vision and perception. The most interesting and useful in group supervision, although not always the most pleasant is definition of development zones, areas for future growth. Especially if these observations come from different people, and, in from different perspectives, both from clients and colleagues. This practice of supervisory workshops completes the path necessary for the development and growth of professionalism and institutionalization of coaching as a profession. There was plenty of feedback based on concrete facts. The most valuable of feedback information I got included this: (1) I see how clearly people perceived my inner doubts which gives me a hint that it is better to “bring them to the surface” and share them with the client; (2) I see how importantit is for the “business success” to keep the focus on the pleasure and freedom.

Citation: Ivanova, Z. (2014). Vpechatleniya ot uchastiya v supervizionnoy masterskoy «Professional'nyy standart «Kouch» na osnove kompetentsiy» [Impressions From Participating In Supervision Workshop “Coach Professional Standard” Based On Coaching Competencies]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), Vol. 4, No 1, pp. 129-132 (in Russian)
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