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Aleksandr Ovchinnikov1
  • 1 Moscow Academy of Labor Market and Information Technologies, 46/1 Molodogvargeitsev Str., 121351 Moscow, Russia

On the competences classification

2014. Vol. 4. No. 4. P. 145–153 [issue contents]
In article the brief retrospective of research of competences for more than last 50 yearsis given. The author substantiates the necessity for classification of competencies. Four models of classification of competences, including three ones proposed by famous researchers of competences from 1982 to the present, and one the author’s model are considered. The comparative analysis of all models is given; their advantages and disadvantages are specified. The common essential features of all approaches to classification of competences are marked out including a two-level clustering and existence of interrelations, both between competences, and between clusters of competences.The general-purpose professional competences model in which five clusters of competences are allocated is considered: personal, social, technical, organizational and administrative competences. In the proposed model clusters of competencies are arranged in a certain order. The author for the first time makes a hypothesis of evolutionary development of competences, implementing in the proposed model the idea of cyclic changes in quality of competences during human life. The author identifies ten main interrelations between clusters of competences, five of which illustrate the natural interrelations promoting development of competences in the employee, five other interrelations illustrate obstacles for development of competences which arise in case of violation of the natural course in development of competences. The author offered original visual interpretation to illustrate the proposed model of professional competences. This visualization is designed to simplify understanding of the model, and to illustrate the interrelations arising in development of competences, as well as the contradictions arising between clusters of competences.

Citation: Ovchinnikov A. (2014) O klassifikatsii kompetentsiy [On the competences classification]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 4, no 4, pp. 145-153 (in Russian)
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