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2016. Vol. 6. No. 4. P. 6–7 [issue contents]
We are glad to introduce our readers to new issue of Organizational Psychology Journal.
This issue is significant for us because it opens up the launch of a new series on «Industrial-Organizational Psychology in the world», dedicated to publishing papers about the history and current state of Organizational Psychology (I-O) in different cities, regions, institutions. This series of publications begins with an article “Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Poland: Past and current trends” (in Endlish) by Laura Dryjanska.
In the «Research in organizational psychology» section we offer the article by Anna Smirnova, “The Impact of Role Conflict on Job Insecurity”. The paper set out an empirical study of the psycho-logical impact of a work-family conflict (WFC) and family-work conflict (FWC) on job insecurity experiencing.
The “Organizational-psychological practice” section includes another article of Yu. Zhukov “Assessement center effectiveness: historical perspective”, dedicated to the review of the evolution of the concept of effectiveness in the psychological practice, with a particular emphasis on assessment centers validity. In conclusion, ways to improve the validity, fairness, acceptability and effectiveness of assessment centers for selection and development of personnel are discussed.
The article by Antonina Lisovskaya «An absent presence»: the need to study the phenomenon of presenteeism», placed in the «Reviews» section, devoted to the new for Russian organizational psychology phenomenon. It presents the results of an extensive review of the literature on the problem of presenteeism, gives a definition of this phenomenon and explains main factors that influence on presenteeism trends among workers.
The «First Steps» section in this issue is quite filled. There are a three articles: the article by Olga Lvova and Mikhail Allakhverdov «Characteristics of organizational context from Russian idioms», dedicated to the study of organizational context within the lexical approach; the article by Elena Grebenyuk «Constructionist approaches in organizational consulting», containing an analysis of the four approaches to work with organizations based on the social constructionism principles, and the article by Elena Naumtseva «Analysis of the psychometric properties of the Russian version of the questionnaire «Ready to organizational changes» (ROC) by D. Holt”. 2016 turned out to be generous regarding scientific and practical conferences dedicated to organizational and psychological themes.
In the «Conferences» section Tatiana Lobanova shared her impressions of the conference «Management Consulting in the industrial sector: in terms of growth» (Kazan, 2016). Lyudmila Aksenovskaya briefly presented the 7th International scientific-practical conference «Organizational psychology: people and risks» (Saratov, October 2016). This conference was devoted to discussing the experience of reforming the Russian economy under the leadership of Peter Stolypin. Also, a detailed report about organizational psychology discussions at a conference in memory of Eugeny Klimov (MSU, Moscow, 12-15 October) were presented in the article by Anna Leonova and Olga Noskova. Finally, Natalia Ivanova and Wladimir Stroh gave brief report about the international conference «Business Psychology: Theory and Practice» (HSE, Moscow, No-vember 2016), outlining new trends in the development of business psychology in its close connec-tion to organizational psychology.
In the «Literary Guide» section there is our traditional editorial note about the 20 most cited and 20 most recent scientific articles on Presenteeism.

Citation: Editorial O. (2016) Ot redaktsii [Editorial]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 6, no 4, pp. 6-7 (in Russian and English)
Keywords: editorial
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