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2018. Vol. 8. No. 1. P. 6–7 [issue contents]
We are glad to introduce our readers to new issue of Organizational Psychology Journal. We are pleased to continue to acquaint readers with the latest developments in organizational psychology.
Editorial Board the «Organizational Psychology» journal mourn together with the family of Yury Mikhailovich Zhukov, a pioneer of Russian organizational psychology, one of the most widely readauthors of our journal. On March 18, 2018, our Yury Mikhailovich Zhukov passed away. Elena Mikhailova, his student and colleague shared her memories in the editorial notes.

The «Research in organizational psychology» section offers three research reports. The article «Social responsibility in Russian business: A research of attitudes of owners and managers in a smalland medium enterprises» by B. Bataeva, L. Cheglakova and O. Melitonyan. Authors examine attitudesof owners and managers of Russian small and medium businesses towards the social responsibility inbusiness. The paper «Organizational commitment and job satisfaction: A study on the two generationsof the Russian employees» by I. Petrovaskaya and V. Kashirina presents the analysis of differences inaffective, normative and continuance commitment between generation X and Y employees. Finding ssuggest that the companies facing the problem of retaining generation Y employees can be advisedto channel their efforts into the development of the normative commitment. The work «The semantic structures of PR-specialists: An evaluation of lifestyle and profession» of V. Skleynis explores the image ofthe world of the PR-specialist.

In the «Review» section the paper «Contemporary issues in the research of personality resources at work» presents a theoretical analysis of the concept of personality resources understood as non-specificindividual psychological characteristics that facilitate activity performance and well-being (This article by a team of authors, headed by T. Ivanova). The theoretical review indicates the need for ageneral personality resource theory to resolve the existing contradictions, as well as the need for moresystematic empirical studies focusing on groups of personality resources, rather than on single variables,and accounting for the situational context. The findings reveal new perspectives for future personalityresource studies in the organizational domain.

The «First steps» section is represented by the article «Perceived corporate culture and organizationalidentity: A research of employees’ attitudes toward organization» by R. Nesmeianova and S. Lipatov.

In the end of the issue we represent full report on the International conference «BusinessPsychology: Theory and Practice 2017».
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