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Marina Frizen1
  • 1 Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University, 4, Pogranichnaya Str., Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia, 683032

Resilience as internal resource in the teaching profession

2018. Vol. 8. No. 2. P. 72–85 [issue contents]
Purpose.The resilience acts as a significant resource in the teaching profession under the conditions of a modern situation of uncertainty. In the article there reflected the results of the generalizing research which purpose is studying and the description of resilience as internal resource of the teachers working used conditions. When planning our work we made an assumption that the resilience used by teachers at different levels of its expressiveness, has specifics in comparison with other professional groups and also has differences with the place of residence, in connection with involvement in management work. Method. The data collected on groups of teachers, heads of the educational institutions and doctors living in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and/or Vilyuchinsk(Kamchatka Krai). Data have been subjected to the statistical analysis (cluster, correlation and criteria). Findings. We have drawn conclusions that teachers with the high level of resilience rely on intelligence, planning, the life experience, autonomy more, when teachers with low level of resilience are more concentrated on emotional and financial aspect of teaching profession. The conclusion is drawn that at teacher-heads the resilience and tolerance to uncertainty is involved basically in a rational, cognitive key, and at the teachers who aren’t included in the management in an affective key. Doctors have greater risk taking in comparisen to teachers; distinctions of parameters of resilience depens on the place of residence. The conclusions drawn by us demand further check on more sizable and versatile sampling. Value of the results. Results can be applied to optimization of the professional environment of the teacher.

Citation: Frizen M. (2018) Zhiznestoykost' kak vnutrenniy resurs professional'noy deyatel'nosti pedagoga [Resilience as internal resource in the teaching profession]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 8, no 2, pp. 72-85 (in Russian)
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