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Dmitry Djlganov1
  • 1 Branch of Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University», 32а Ilyich str., village Inskoy, Belovo 652644, Russian Federation32а Ilyich str., village Inskoy, Belovo 652644, Russian Federation

An analysis of labor motivation in the industrial sector: A dynamic approach

2018. Vol. 8. No. 3. P. 60–85 [issue contents]
Purpose. Exploration analysis of the relationship between generalized indices of motivation of a psychographic test by V. G. Leontiev with certain factors and manifestations of labor motivation. Study design. In the work we are based on the approach by V. G. Leontiev, according to which, the motivation of activity can be presented as a generalized and dynamic process. The study was carried out within the framework of the project, to assess the motivation of the staff. The study involvedemployees of the coal mining enterprise of the Kemerovo region in the total number of 104 people,employees of the production service and the drivers of the excavator. Findings. Analysis of the resultsof the study showed that the psychographic test by V. G. Leontiev discovers interrelations betweenthe indicators of the level of labor motivation with various parameters and factors of labor activity.We consider scales of psychographic test as sufficiently independent indicators of three types: anindicator of the effectiveness of motivation (X); indicator of awareness, formation and developmentof the motivation (Y, Lo, Ln.); indicator of the strength of the motivation (angle α). Dependences ofthe level of labor motivation on various parameters have been revealed. Implications for practice. Apsychographic test can be used to quickly diagnose the work motivation. This test allows to evaluate motivation both as a general and dynamic phenomenon and to indicate the levels of motivation. Valueof the results. The factors determined of labor motivation with different initial levels of motivation are determined. Employees with a low level of motivation need the simplest manifestations of care andreward. For employees with an medium level of motivation further growth of motivation is determinedby material security and content of work activity, recognition of the employee’s merits. Employees with a high level of motivation to maintain motivation need the opportunities for social and professional growth, satisfaction with organizational and technical conditions.

Citation: Djlganov D. (2018) Otsenka motivatsii trudovoy deyatel'nosti sotrudnikov promyshlennogo predpriyatiya s ispol'zovaniem psikhograficheskogo testa V. G. Leont'eva [An Analysis of Labor Motivation in the Industrial Sector: a Dynamic Approach]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 8, no 3, pp. 60-85 (in Russian)
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