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2018. Vol. 8. No. 4. P. 6–7 [issue contents]

We are pleased to continue to acquaint readers with the latest developments in organizational psychology in 2018–4 issue of Organizational Psychology Journal.

In the “Research in Organizational Psychology” section of this issue you will find the article by L.V. Karapetyan and G. A. Glotova “Psychological Determinants of the Emotional-Personal Well-Beingof Russian Workers”  (in Russian). As a determinant of emotional-personal well-being or ill-being, the psychological characteristics of the respondents are considered here, such as adaptation capabilities and exposure to professional burnout.

The «Organizational-psychological Practice» section is presented in two articles. Article by E. Strizhova and A. Evdokimenko “Leaders of business in the field of finance — key dimensions of motivation”  (in English) concludes that such motivators as “money” and “family well-being” are more important for line managers, “status” and “professional development” are perceived as more important by middle managers. In the article “Practices of attracting and selecting talented employees in the knowledge economy and traditional industries”  by A.S. Osipova, V.I. Kabalina and O.V. Mondrus  (in Russian) proposed three types of talent selection systems from the external market: systems with a focus on one group of practices; systems with a focus on the talent category; systems with an individual set of practices for each position. It was found that the use of systems with a focus on the category of talents and position is typical for companies of the knowledge economy, and systems that focus on one group of practices are typical of traditional organizations.

Article by K. Bagrationi and T. Nestik “The viability of small groups in organizations: state and prospects of research”  (in Russian) is posted in the «Reviews» section.

In the «First Steps» section you will find articles by E. Vasilevskaya «Comparative analysis of possible selves, associated with the profession, among Russian and American students» (in Russian) and by O. Kalgina “Brand image of a non-profit organization as a factor in charitable donor behavior”  (in Russian). The first one revealed that students from the United States significantly more often than students from the Russian Federation call the hopes and fears in the profession as the most meaningful images of the future for themselves, while the latter often call the possible selves significant in the field of family and relationships. From the second one, you will learn that, for monetary donors, it is paramount to receive positive emotions from interaction with the organization, and for volunteers — well-organized activity of the organization.

Articles «Academic and practical psychology» by M. Ivanov and W. Stroh (in Russian), as well as “Methodological and organizational issues for the development of client psychotherapeutic myth” by V. Serkin (in Russian) is represented in «Organizational Psychology in Persons, Dialogues, and Discussions» section.

The «Conferences» section presents a collective article “The Prague Summer School on some ideasof behavioral economics”  (in Russian).

In the «Literary Guide» section you will find our traditional article about the 20 most cited and 20 most recent English-language articles about talent management.

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