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Natalya Bondarchuk1, Elizaveta Bykova2
  • 1 Magadan institute of economics of the St. Petersburg university of management and economics, 11, Proletarskaya str., Magadan, 685000, Russia
  • 2 Northeastern State University, 13 Portovaya st., city of Magadan, Russian Federation, 685000

Professional self-concept of a care worker: research among the social pedagogue in the Magadan region

2019. Vol. 9. No. 4. P. 30–51 [issue contents]
Purpose. This article is devoted to the description of the results of an empirical study of the professional self-concept of social pedagogue in the education system of the city of Magadan city and the Magadan Region. Methodology. The study has exploratory design. The carried out research includes a technique of diagnostics of level of emotional burning out by V. V. Boyko, the study of determining satisfaction with work by A. V. Batarshev, the technique of specialized semantic differentials for thee valuation of the concepts of “profession” and “professional” by V. P. Serkin, the method of studying professional identity by L. B. Schneider, an special developed questionnaire, the author’s version of the technique “Unfinished sentences”. The sample of the study was made up of 25 social pedagogues working in the education system of Magadan city and Magadan Region: institutions of secondary general education, institutions for students on adapted educational programs, vocational education institutions, and additional education institutions. The procedure of the research conducted by the authors is described, a detailed interpretation of the results is given, and as a result, a description of the professional Self-conception of the social pedagogue in the education system is given. Finding. The obtained data justify the formation of well-understood, positive, cognitive, emotional and behavioral components of the professional self-conception of social pedagogues of the education system that are adequate to the requirements of professional activity. The value of results. The results make it possible to supplement and broaden the idea of the professional self-awareness of social pedagogues. The results also can be used in the professional preparation of students in the field of training “Psychological and pedagogical education” profile “Social Pedagogy”.

Citation: Bondarchuk N., Bykova E. (2019) Professional'naya Ya-kontseptsiya sotsial'nogo pedagoga sistemy obrazovaniya [Professional Self-conception of the social pedagogue in education system]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 9, no 4, pp. 30-51 (in Russian)
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