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Elena Starchenkova 1
  • 1 Saint-Petersburg State University, 199034, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya Emb., 7/9

Phenomenon of proactive coping behavior in occupational health psychology

2020. Vol. 10. No. 4. P. 156–183 [issue contents]
The article is devoted to the review of modern studies on the phenomenon of proactive coping behavior in occupational health psychology. Occupational health is viewed as a strategic resource related to ensuring the effectiveness, safety, and reliability of professional activity of labor subjects, improving the quality of their professional and personal lives, as well as ensuring professional longevity. The article presents the history of the concept development of proactive coping behavior from the position of the cognitive-transactional stress theory. The relationship between the concepts of proactivity, proactive behavior and proactive coping is considered. The structure of proactive coping behavior and methods of its study are presented. The role of temporal factors in shaping and changinghealth-related behavior, as well as barriers to healthy behavior, are highlighted. Basic theoretical modelsaimed at explaining, understanding, and changing health-related behavior are discussed. The results of research on proactivity and proactive coping behavior in organizational psychology and occupational health psychology are analyzed. Personal, professional, and organizational factors of proactive coping are presented. The interrelationships of proactive coping behavior with characteristics of subjective representations of professional difficult situations, organizational stress, and occupational stress, states of reduced working capacity, burnout, and occupational health indicators are shown. The conclusion is made that proactive coping behavior can be considered as an important positive predictor of the employee’s optimal functioning at both individual and organizational levels. The problem of the formation and development of proactive coping behavior is considered, and an overview of training programs for proactive coping behavior is presented. The directions and prospects for further research are discussed.

Citation: Starchenkova E. (2020) Phenomenon of proactive coping behavior in occupational health psychology. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 10, no 4, pp. 156-183.
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