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2020. Vol. 10. No. 4. P. 5–7 [issue contents]

We present to our readers the next issue of the journal "Organizational Psychology".

The editorial board and staff of the editorial board of the journal "Organizational Psychology" grieve together with the family and friends of Sergey Alekseevich Chernyshev, a member of the editorial board of our journal. Our obituary “Teacher. Personality. Citizen”.

Under the heading Research in organizational psychology, you will find four articles covering a wide variety of topics - servant leadership, employee emotional well-being, organizational creativity, and the value orientations of family business owners. “Mediating role of trust on the relationship between servant leadership and team commitment among the employees of IT sector in south India” (in English) of our Indian colleagues Asi Reddy and Apparaju Kamesh. "Emotional and personal well-being as a predictor of the social perception characteristics among socionomic and technonomic specialists" by the Ural researcher L. V. Karapetyan. “Individual, personal, and contextual predictors of organizational creativity in Russia” by an international team of authors: Nadezhda Lebedeva, Ekaterina Bushina, Peter Schmidt. An interregional Russian team of authors presented the article “Black cat in a dark room: are the value orientations of family and non-family business owners different?” by Julia Murzina, Vladimir Pozniakov, Sergey Dyachkov.

The Organizational psychology in practice part opens with the article of Bella Yasko and Boris Kazarin “Personality of healthcare professionals: methodological justification of model through study”. A team of authors from Siberia (Olga Andronnikova, Yuliya Perevozkina, Andrey Seryy, Mikhail Yanitskiy, Tatyana Petrovskaya) share their experience in diagnosing toxic leadership in the article "Role models of heads, showing a toxic leadership in a complex situation management solutions".

In the Reviews section we discuss the phenomenon of proactive coping behavior, and also raise the question of the possibility of studying the school as an organization. Study articles by E. S. Starchenkova "Phenomenon of proactive coping behavior in occupational health psychology" (in English) and "Conceptualization of a school as an organization: a literature review" by R. K. Nesmeyanova and S. A. Lipatov.

There are two articles in the First steps heading in this issue. “Development and validation of the Job Perfectionism Scale” by Alena Zolotareva and “The roots and practical application of the behavioral economics for organizations” by Misha Zeldin, Oleg Davydov, Irina Penkina and Artem Tsiklinsky.

Under the heading Organizational psychology in dialogues and discussions you will find articles on organizational values and the problem of learning competencies. The first is an article by Ivan Malbašić “Through balanced organizational values towards purpose-driven organizations” (in English). The second article "Researching professional competencies: a critical review of approaches to research, processing and interpretation of data" by Vladimir Tolochek and Anna Mashkova.

The Conferences section contains the announcement of the XXII April International Scientific Conference, which is held annually by the Higher School of Economics.

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