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2021. Vol. 11. No. 1. P. 6–7 [issue contents]

We are glad to introduce our readers to the new issue of Organizational psychology journal.

In the Research in organizational psychology heading you will find four interdisciplinary articles. General methodological problems are discussed in the article “Methodological evidence of studying organizational social capital" by Ludmila Pochebut, Vera Chiker, Nataly Volkova and Svetlana Gurieva.International team of authors (Valentina Barabanshchikova et.al) presented the article “Features of coping strategies for russian and japanese drivers during traffic congestion”. Professions with special working conditions are discussed in the article “Psychological classification of professions in the fly-in fly-out work organization at industrial enterprises” by Yana Korneeva and Natalya Simonova.The link between well-being and success is discussed in the article by Larisa Karapetyan “Emotional and personal well-being as a predictor of workers’ subjective successfulness”.

The topic of well-being is also covered in the Organizational psychology in practice section, namely in the article by Antonina Lisovskaia et.al “Key approaches to understanding an employee’s wellbeing: from theory to practice”. The real practice of personnel management of an educational institution is presented in the article “Experience of the formation of the reserve for promotion to a managerial position in a medical university” by authors: Victor Lazarenko, Alesya Kuznetsova, Natalya Meshherina and Natalia Sorokina.

The Reviews rubric in this issue is presented by an article by St. Petersburg psychologists-practitioners: Natalya Borovikova and Ekaterina Belousko "Situational judgment tests: developing approaches to understanding case assessment”.

Under the heading First steps you will find an article by the author from China “Unethical pro-organizational behavior: A review of existing literature" (in English) written by Sajjad Hosain.

In the Organizational psychology in dialogues and discussions rubric posted an article “Who studies management in Russia: personality traits of students of «Master of Business Administration» programs”  written by another group of authors from St. Petersburg: Еlena Zavyalova,Svetlana Posokhova, Аntonina Lisovskaya and Dmitry Sokolov.

The Conferences rubric is presented by the announcement “XXII April International Academic Conference on problems of economic and social development".

Please enjoy the reading!

Citation: Editorial O. (2021) Ot redaktsii [Editorial]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 11, no 1, pp. 6-7
Keywords: editorial
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