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Viktor Lazarenko1, Alesya Kuznetsova1, Nataliya Meshherina1, Nataliya Sorokina1
  • 1 Kursk State Medical University, 305004, Kursk, K. Marx str., 3, Russian Federation

Experience of the formation of the reserve for promotion to a managerial position in a medical university (in Russian)

2021. Vol. 11. No. 1. P. 113–126 [issue contents]
The article presents the results of the level of formation of managerial competencies of thepersonnel reserve of a medical university (on the example of the Kursk State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia). Purpose. The aim is a comprehensive assessment of personal qualities and the level of formation of managerial competencies of the personnel reserve of medical universities with the further formation of an individual trajectory for the development of deficient competencies. Procedure. The assessment procedure included two stages. The first is the psycho-diagnostic stage using standardized survey methods. The diagnostics focused on the motivational, emotional, cognitive and communication areas. The second stage is the assessment of the competencies of the participants in solving practice-oriented situational tasks, tasks for measuring the level of proficiency in methods of analysis of problems, planning and organization, focus on results, the level of stress resistance. Results. With a favorable personal profile, performances for the demonstration of managerial functions, identified at the psycho-diagnostic stage at the second stage of identifying the deficit of their manifestation. In other words, the participants’ self-assessment of their qualities of higher-level skills.The deficit of a number of managerial competencies has been established, which manifests itself at a lowlevel of knowledge of the basics of strategic management. The value of the results. In the course of the research, the main models of managerial competencies were studied, a model adapted to the specifics of a medical university was proposed. On the basis of the identified tendencies, recommendations are proposed for the development of programs for the development of managerial competencies of the reserve for promotion to a managerial position.

Citation: Lazarenko V., Kuznetsova A., Meshherina N., Sorokina N. (2021) Opyt formirovaniya kadrovogo rezerva meditsinskogo vuza na osnove kompleksnoy otsenki kandidatov [Experience of the formation of the reserve for promotion to a managerial position in a medical university]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 11, no 1, pp. 113-126 (in Russian)
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