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Sahar Savadkouhi1, Hamid Oreyzi1
  • 1 University of Isfahan, Azadi square, Isfahan 8174673441, Iran

Effectiveness of CREW Program on relational energy of the employees

2022. Vol. 12. No. 1. P. 43–50 [issue contents]
Purpose. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of CREW intervention on the relational energy of employees in Isfahan Gas company. Method. The research was a quasi-experimental study with pretest, posttest and control group design. The sample consisted of 30 volunteer staff of Gas company who randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. Relational energy questionnaire (2016) was administered on both groups in the pre-test and post-test stages. CREW intervention administered on the experimental group for eight sessions each one 90 minutes. The control group received no intervention. The data was analyzed through ANCOVA by SPSS-23. Findings. The results suggested that there was a significant difference between experimental and control groups following the intervention. Accordingly, CREW intervention enhanced relational energy of employees in the post-test. The findings of this study suggested that administers and authorities of organizations use CREW intervention to enhance the positive interpersonal relationships and relational energy of their personnel. Originality. According to our search in previous studies, no research has been found to examine the effectiveness of the CREW intervention on relational energy of employees, but our findings were concordant with the reports, in which it was suggested that CREW was effective on enhancing civility, respect and trust, and improvement of interactions among the personnel.

Citation: Savadkouhi S., Oreyzi H. (2022) Effectiveness of CREW Program on relational energy of the employees. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 12, no 1, pp. 43-50.
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