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In memory of Evgeny Emelyanov

2022. Vol. 12. No. 2. P. 9–11 [issue contents]
After a severe long-term illness on February 11, 2022, a member of the Editorial Board of our journal Evgeny Emelyanov, one of the authors of the first scientific monograph in Russian “Psychology of business” (Emelyanov, E. N., Povarnitsyna, S. E. (1998). Business psychology. M.: Armada). In 1994, he founded the STEP Consulting Center company. In 2000, Evgeny published an article in the Journal of a Practical Psychologist, which was devoted to the practical aspects of organizational psychology (Emelyanov E.N. (2000). The practice of consulting on organizational development and organizational psychology. Journal of a practical psychologist, 5–6, 72–78). Since 2011, Evgeniy has been involved in the activities of the Organizational Psychology journal.

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