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Anjali Gummadi1, Vasudeva Reddy Asi2
  • 1 Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India 517325
  • 2 Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India – 600127

Influence of employee engagement on motivation among the banking professionals in South India

2023. Vol. 13. No. 3. P. 131–144 [issue contents]
Purpose. An engaged employee will become an asset of an organization. This study aims to assess the impact of engagement on employee motivation and was carried out in public and private sector banks in South India. Study design. Population of the study contains of employees of public and private sector banking employees of South India. A sample size of 200 was taken from four banks (two each from private and public sector) for the study. Nature of work, interpersonal relationship, pay allowances, pleasant working environment, redressal of grievances, personal growth and career development, training and development, loyalty towards job, and personal factors as the elements of employee engagement and motivation as dependent variable were considered. Correlation and regression tests were applied for analysis. Findings. The Cronbach’s alpha for the scales have confirmed the reliability of the study. Also, the correlation values between the factors and the variables were significant at p < 0.05, the regression analysis have clearly shown a positive impact of engagement on employee motivation. Value of the results. The study provides thought provoking managerial ideas inorder to increase motivation levels by improvising employee engagement in the organizations.

Citation: Gummadi A., Asi V. (2023) Influence of employee engagement on motivation among the banking professionals in South India. Organizational Psychology, vol. 13, no 3, pp. 131-144.
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