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2017. Vol. 7. No. 2. P. 6–7 [issue contents]
We are glad to introduce our readers to new issue of Organizational Psychology Journal. We are pleased to continue to acquaint readers with the latest developments in organizational psychology. We continue our project «Organizational Psychology in the world» — series of publications about the history and current state of Organizational Psychology (I-O) in different cities, regions, institutions. In this issue Liudmila Aksenovskaya acquaints readers with the history of the formation and development of organizational psychology in one of the oldest Russian universities — Saratov National Research State University named after N. G. Chernishevsky, one of the oldest Russian universities. 
In the “Research in organizational psychology” section we offer three articles. The work of Evgeny Osin and Dmitry Leontiev “Assessment of subjective experiences at work: Validation of an instrument” presents a new psychometric instrument, Experiences in Activity Questionnaire (EAQ) based on combinatorial model of optimal experience. Ekaterina Strizhova in the article “Work motivation measurements among financial sector employees consisting in the manager reserve and talent development programs” describes the findings of the key scales of motivational space, defining labor activity of employees, interested in career development. This paper has an interesting research design based on the procedure of motivational tasks and reconstruction of motivational space.  The original research of the internal image and organizational loyalty in companies with different levels of social protection of employees is presented in the article “Internal image and loyalty in organizations with different level of social security of employees” by Natalia Antonova.
Kseniya Volodina in the “Organizational-psychological practice” part shares her work “The use of art therapy in the activity of the practical psychologist in the organization”, in which new areas of HR management are described.
In “First steps” section you could find the work “Factors of Organizational Decision-Making about the Choice of Interaction Strategies under Conditions of Uncertainty” by Milana Khachaturova and Zhanna Fedotova. The article presents the results of experimental study of affective, situational, and cognitive factors of organizational decision-making about the choice of interaction strategies under conditions of uncertainty.
Two articles are presenting our new section «Organizational psychology as the persons, dialogues and discussions». One of them is a polemical collective article of authors from the USA «Has Industrial-Organizational Psychology Lost Its Way?» (translated into Russian). The second article “Open dialogue on the topic of emotional burnout”, performed in the genre of scientific correspondence by Anatoly Frumkin and Takhir Bazarov, in which authors refute the established point of view that the emergence of profes-sional burnout is related to working conditions.
In the “Literary Guide” section there is our traditional editorial note about the 20 most cited and 20 most recent scientific articles about Psychological Burnout. 

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