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2019. Vol. 9. No. 3. P. 6–7 [issue contents]

We are pleased to continue to acquaint readers with the latest developments in organizational psychology in 2019–3 issue of Organizational Psychology Journal.

The “Research in Organizational Psychology” column is presented in four articles. The article “Social intelligence in the Cultural Context: Comparison of Indian and Slovak Managers” (in English)by an international authoring team composed of by an international authoring team composed of by an international authoring team composed of by an international authoring team composed of by an international authoring team composed of by an international authoring team composed of Miroslav Frankovský, Zuzana Birknerová, Lucia Zbihlejová, Anuj Kumar, Nishu Marwah presents the results of a study aimed at analysis of the consistency of the factor structure of the MESI methodology (Measuring Social Intelligence). In the article by Larisa Karapetyan “Social and psychological predictors of successfulness: a comparative study among representatives of professional groups” there have been established that vitality, psychological well-being, adaptability, resistance to professional burnout, optimism, extraversion, dominance and self-sufficiency are psychological predictors of successfulness.

The article «Motivation and loyalty of public servants to job-related groups» by Stanislav Gornostaevcontains empirical evidence of the specific features of motivation and loyalty to groups from employees’ professional environment. Liudmila Vereschagina and Larisa Olhova in the research «Organizational culture and work motivation in educational organization» revealed the dominant suborders and types of organizational culture, and the structure of labor motives of university employees.

There are two articles in the “Organizational psychology in practice” column. The article « Development of tools for the study of employee identity in the organization» by the team of Andrey Sidorenkov Olesya ShipitkoDenis Shtilnikov and Wladimir Stroh acquainted readers with the results of test of a new psychometric method of an organizational psychologist. Eugene Dotsenko, Julia Khamzina and Timur Khamzin shared the results of psychosemantic analysis of market of personal efficiency trainings.

In the column “First Steps” posted two articles. The first version of the method, which allows to measure managerial identity, is presented in the article of Alexander Paramuzov and  Roksana Nesmeianova «Creation and analysis of psychometric properties of the Managerial Identity Status Questionnaire» .   Two types of factors that relate the level of emotional intelligence of the leader and the activities of the group — conditions and results are identified in the article by Mikhail Sitnikov «The influence of the manager’s level of emotional intelligence on the group activity» .

In the “Conferences” section you will find information about the upcoming conferences in 2019. International conference on Professional ethics of psychologists will be held October 12 - 13, 2019 in Da Nang, Vietnam. The 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference « Business psychology: theory and practice » will be held November 29 - December 1, 2019 in Moscow at the HSE. «XXI April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development» held on April 6-10, 2020 (Moscow, HSE).


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