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Olga Plyushcheva1, Alexander Makhnach2
  • 1 Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, 127051, Moscow, Sretenka st., 29
  • 2 Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 13-1 Yaroslavskaya Str., Moscow, 129366.

Resilience of a specialist in a helping profession in an organizational environment (in Russian)

2021. Vol. 11. No. 2. P. 124–153 [issue contents]
Professional resilience is a multi-component construct that can change under one or an other influence, and the study of its structure (levels, factors, individual and organizational characteristics) will make it possible to choose the most accurate tools that contribute to its maintenance and development. The purpose of the study: to study the features and characteristics of the resilience of a specialist in the organizational environment on the example of specialists of a socially-oriented organization. Research design. As part of the study of the resilience of specialists, we performed an empirical study conducted in three stages. The total sample of the study was 217 people. The article presents the results of a factor analysis conducted at the second and third stages of the study on a sample of 166 people who are specialists and interns of an organization that provides information and psychological support on issues related to cancer, stroke, palliative care and child prematurity: specialists (N = 106, men — 7.5%, women — 92.5%, average age — 36.7), interns (N = 60, men — 8.3%, women — 91.7%, averageage — 36.0). To implement the tasks set, we used the methods of questionnaires, testing, and written surveys. The results of the study showed the relationship between general and professional resilience of a person, as well as the fact that subjective assessments of the resilience of labor subjects do not have a direct connection with objective indicators of resilience and, to a greater extent, are related to the socio-psychological atmosphere in the team and the duration of work in the organization. Indifferent groups of specialists of the organization, there are notice able differences in how the systemof assessments of the resilience, socio-psychological well-being of the organizational environment isbuilt, as well as what supports the motivation to work in it. It was also found that the external locus of control, emotionally-oriented and avoiding coping strategies indicate a reduced level of resilience, which can be taken into account when selecting specialists for places with difficult working conditions. Research perspective. The conducted research can be used to study the characteristics of the specialist’s resilience in the organizational environment and to choose the directions of its support, correction or development. We plan to use the results obtained in the development of programs aimed at forming the resilience of labor subjects who carry out their professional activities within the framework of socially oriented organizations.

Citation: Plyushcheva O., Makhnach A. (2021) Zhiznesposobnost' spetsialista pomogayushchey professii v organizatsionnoy srede [Resilience of a specialist in a helping profession in an organizational environment]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 11, no 2, pp. 124-153 (in Russian)
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