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Aleksandr Shmelyov1,2, Gleb Vzorin3, Maria Rybnikova3
  • 1 Moscow State Lomonosov University, 11/9, Mokhovaya Str., 125009 Moscow, Russia
  • 2 Human Technologies
  • 3 Innovation Center «Human Technologies»

A six-factor model of personality based on a psychosemantic study of the Russian-language vocabulary of personality traits (in Russian)

2021. Vol. 11. No. 3. P. 92–105 [issue contents]
Purpose. The aim of the study was to verify the reproducibility of six factors HEXACO on the basis of Russian language vocabulary denoting personality traits and included in the TEZAL computer system — an automated thesaurus of personality terms. The article presents the results of exploratory factor analysis of large arrays of collected data. Study design. The expert psychologists (N = 151) evaluated 300 traits according to the degree of proximity to 56 semantic scales selected earlier for the construction of TEZAL. The participants of the online project “Test Technology Testers Club (KITT)” (N = 1161) performed the “Adjective Checklist” method, which had 290 items. Findings. In both cases, the classical factor analysis using the principal component method followed by varimax rotation allowed us to obtain the first six or seven factors, which, according to interpretation, very accurately reproduce the so–called “Big Six” personal factors — HEXACO model. The old and new terms introduced into the TEZAL 2.0 database 30 years after the appearance of the first version of TEZAL-1 are equally successfully represented at the poles of six factors. Value of the results. The authors interpret this result simultaneously as evidence of the validity of the theoretical model of based on Russian-language vocabulary, as well as the validity of the TEZAL system for its use as a tool for automated interpretation of the results of psychological testing and assessment in the practice of personnel management.

Citation: Shmelyov A., Vzorin G., Rybnikova M. (2021) Shestifaktornaya model' lichnosti na baze psikhosemanticheskogo issledovaniya russkoyazychnoy leksiki lichnostnykh chert [A six-factor model of personality based on a psychosemantic study of the Russian-language vocabulary of personality traits]. Organizacionnaâ psihologiâ (Organizational Psychology), vol. 11, no 3, pp. 92-105 (in Russian)
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