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Adonis Boyani1
  • 1 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia , 117198, st. Miklukho-Maklaya, 6, Moscow, Russian Federation

Factors of specialists’ labor motivation at high-tech enterprises in Iran

2023. Vol. 13. No. 4. P. 199–212 [issue contents]
Human resources are the most important determinants of the success of any organization with a significant effect on achieving organizational objectives; hence, identifying and determining the determinants of their labor motivation plays a very decisive role in increasing their productivity and improving their quality of work. Purpose. The present study aimed to determine the determinants of employees’ labor motivation at high-tech enterprises based on F. Herzberg’s two-factor motivation theory. Study design. In a descriptive-analytical cross-sectional study in 2022 among nine knowledge based enterprises in Tehran, 144 individuals were selected by the simple random method and the questionnaires were distributed among them, and the necessary data were collected. Findings. Theresearch results indicated that from the respondents’ perspective, intrinsic (mental) effective factors were more important than extrinsic (hygiene) factors. Recognition and appreciation, job position, and progress and development were the most important intrinsic factors, and job security, salaries and wages, and the way of supervision were the most important extrinsic factors affecting labor motivation. The results indicated a statistically significant and positive relationship between intrinsic and extrinsic factors at the confidence level of 0.01 and a negative relationship between the education level with hygiene factors at a significance level of 0.05 and a positive relationship between the education level and motivational factors. Among the demographic variables, there was a positive and significant relationship only between the two variables, age and job experience, at a 0.01 level.

Citation: Boyani A. (2023) Factors of specialists’ labor motivation at high-tech enterprises in Iran. Organizational Psychology, vol. 13, no 4, pp. 199-212.
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