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2018. Vol. 8. No. 3. P. 6–7 [issue contents]
We are pleased to continue to acquaint readers with the latest developments in organizational psychology in 2018-3 issue of Organizational Psychology Journal.

In the “Research in organizational psychology” section we present two research reports. The findings of the article «Structural model of the ingroup conflict in work groups» ( Andrey Sidorenkov, Vadim Dorofeev) proved that in the measurement of conflict and conflict management in production groups it is necessary to take into account different levels and types of conflict, as well as the size ofthe group. The model of the cognitive social capital of an organization as a complex socio-psychological phenomenon is revealed in the article “Social-psychological model of an organizational cognitive social capital: forming factors and objectivation” (Ludmila Pochebut, Vera Chiker, Natalia Volkova).

The “Organizational-psychological practice” section presents the article by Dmitry Dolganov “An Analysis of Labor Motivation in the Industrial Sector: a Dynamic Approach”. The paper shows that the psychographic test allows to measure work motivation, to evaluate motivation both as a general and dynamic phenomenon and to indicate the levels of motivation.

The Russian government initiative to change the retirement age in 2018, which is actively discussed bythe public, confirms the thesis that there is no full support for citizens of preretirement age in order to preserve their efficiency and health. The article “Psychological support before and after retirement: A theoretical review” in the “Review” section is dedicated to this problem (German Nikiforov, NataliaVodopianova, Olga Gofman).

In the “First Steps” section you will find the article by Tang Fei and Andrey Onuchin “Hierarchical intergenerational workplace interactions in Chinese and Russian contexts: a study using experimental visual methods”, which revealed differences in the interpretation of observed business interaction between ethnic cultures (countries) and between generations.

In the “Conferences” section you can find report by Tatyana Lobanova based on the results of an International conference of management consultants (ICMCI) in 2018 in Iran. According to the author, there are many common problems and solutions peculiar to the development of the management consultancy process in Russia. Many of them have been covered in the speeches of representatives of the countries of the Asia-Pacific basin on the specifics of organizational consulting.

And in the “Literary Guide” section you will find a review by Michail Ivanov on the book «Labor interests. Psychological aspects” (author Tatyana Lobanova) and our editorials note on the 20 most citedand 20 most recent English-language articles about organizational conflicts.

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